How To Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

Posted by Richard Vazquez - April 13, 2017 - Health & Medicare - No Comments

For people who watch a bit of broadcast or cable TV in the Brandon, Valrico, Tampa and Lithia area, you may have seen advertisements for a site called GoodRx.  We don’t have a business relationship with them, so this is purely a shout-out for a great service.

The pharmaceutical situation in the U.S health insurance system has been getting a lot of press lately, especially when pointing out how much of our budgets are hit by the cost of healthcare.  Expensive medications play a big role toward increasing premiums and overall cost within the medicare and health insurance systems.

Today I was looking at formularies, tiers, and all those other things that make you feel like you’ve taken something really strong.  I can only imagine what people outside of the health care industry feel like.

Do yourself a favor.  If you need a prescription, don’t assume anything when you go get it filled.  Do some research first.  Know your co-pays and/or co-insurance.  If the price is high, don’t give up.

We found a $100 drug for under $10 using a coupon on GoodRx.  Good on ya!

Jonathan Pudas, Health, Medicare and Life Insurance Department Head, Artisan Insurance Group

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